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Stewart & Claire

La Nuit Lip Balm with Jasmine

La Nuit Lip Balm with Jasmine

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Floral. Soul-Soothing. Sensual. 

If you're looking for a little stress relief with your lip balm, La Nuit might just be the thing. We combined jasmine with bergamot and peru balsam (the spicy smelling resin from a South American tree) to create one alluring lip balm. The scent is spicy and lightly floral but not overwhelming. Night-blooming jasmine inspired the balm's name, La Nuit, which means "the night" in French.

Apply this balm after a long soak in the tub, before your meditation break, or, of course, as you settle into bed. Just be aware: Jasmine is a rumored aphrodisiac. Don't say we didn't warn you! 

All of the ingredients in this balm are organic, except the peru balsam, which is wildcrafted.  

  • Jasmine, bergamot and peru balsam oils are all known to calm the nerves and create positive feelings. 
  • Our organic jojoba comes from U.S. farms and soaks quickly into skin. 
  • Organic, food-grade safflower oil deeply moisturizes. 
  • Organic shea butter and castor oil creates a nourishing protective barrier against the elements. 

Ingredients: organic jojoba oil, beeswax, organic safflower oil, organic shea butter, organic castor oil, vitamin e, organic essential oils of bergamot and peru balsam, jasmine absolute.

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