How to Learn to Love Winter

Over the last few years, I've gone from hating winter to embracing it. Celebrating it. Maybe even loving it. 
I mean, when else is it not weird to go to bed at 9 pm? 
What other season does it feel exactly right to re-watch Gilmore Girls or binge a few Marvel movies in a row? 
When else can you dip a bunch of bread and vegetables into melted cheese and call it dinner? 
Yes, it's so cold that my muscles seize up when I first step outside. And it's still so very dark by the time I end my workday. 
But if you're looking for ways to make this cold dark season not only bearable, but fun, here's what works for me: 
  • Get outside every day. Seriously. I can't tell you how much an invigorating walk lifts my mood.
  • Dress for the weather. Being outside in winter is only fun if you can keep warm. I finally bought a pair of frumpy fleece-lined pants and couldn't be happier.
  • Start a new project that makes you happy. Since this time of year is often less social than the summer and the holidays, it's a great time to dig in on a project. Last winter, I worked on a podcast about plants. This year, I'm doing more writing and reading, just for fun. And my daughter and I might teach ourselves to make pasta.
  • Indulge. Order oysters. Drink bubbly wine. Wear nice PJs. Take a long bath. Watch movies all day. You have my permission. It's winter.
  • Aromatherapy yourself to warmth. Certain smells just make us feel warmer inside. Ginger and cinnamon—those “pumpkin” spices— come to mind. Vanilla and cocoa do too. At home, you can burn scented candles to immerse yourself in a warming scent. 

    If you want some aromatherapy on the go, you can try our Winter and Autumn lip balms. Scented with cocoa, vanilla, and cinnamon, Winter is reminiscent of Mexican hot chocolate while Autumn has more of a pumpkin spice vibe. One smell of either will warm you from the inside out.
Hope you're staying cozy this season and feel free to reply with ways you've learned to embrace…and maybe even love winter. 
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