A lip balm for bourbon lovers

A lip balm for bourbon lovers

The Old Fashioned lip balm, was inspired, plain and simply, by bourbon. Back in my childless days, bourbon on the rocks was my night cap; bourbon and soda was my wedding drink. It was tough to create a balm that smelled exactly like the glorious liquor, but one that smelled like a bourbon-based cocktail, well, that, I could do.

After 23 tries, I crafted a balm scented with a blend of cedar, bitter orange, black pepper, vanilla and cinnamon. It's reminiscent of a cocktail, for sure, but also a grandfather's pipe or other things you might call old fashioned. This balm is our bestseller by far. It's become our signature product and our absolute customer favorite. 

Oh and for the sticklers out there: Before you think we serve our Old Fashioneds in a coupe—as if! The drink in the photo is actually a Brooklyn, another one of our favorite whiskey cocktails. 

If you're intrigued, try our Old Fashioned lip balm. 

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