introducing the Negroni lip balm

Stewart & Claire Negroni lip balm in progress.

When people working with Campari contacted us about creating a negroni lip balm, I almost said no. Campari, the crimson aperitif liqueur, is an infusion of more botanicals than I can identify. The other two ingredients, sweet vermouth and gin, pile on scents and flavors from more spices, herbs and tree barks. 

But then, I became too intrigued. I mixed myself a negroni and went back and forth, smelling the cocktail while I added different essential oils and extracts to small bowls of oil. After a few days of this, I settled on a formula, and at the last minute, I told them, Yes! Yes I can make a Negroni lip balm. And it will be awesome. 

I created this lip balm as part of Negroni Week, which starts June 1. From now until the end of Negroni week, we will donate $1 for every Negroni lip balm sold online to the Grameen Foundation


- Kristin

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I hope it comes back in stock soon!!!!


devastated that i heard about this one too late!

please bring it back, if only as a seasonal lip balm. please please please!

emily whetstone

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