how we plan to give back November 22 2014, 0 Comments


We recently signed up to receive Google alerts for the keyword, "lip balm." (Please don't ask us why this took three years.) Along with cute articles about unconventional ways to use lip balm and stories about the growing lip balm market (like this one from the Associated Press featuring yours truly!), we see many, many requests for lip balm donations from homeless outreach organizations all over the US. 

Since starting our company in 2011, we've thought about how we can change a little piece of the world (in addition to creating a great product, of course!). These frequent Google alerts reminded us that food, water and shelter aren't the only necessities. Personal care items (yep, including lip balm!) keep people clean, comfortable and healthy, and that is important. We've decided that it's time to share our lip balms with more people, especially with those who might not otherwise have access to them.

We were already going to donate lip balm to NYC Rescue Mission this year. Then we thought, Why not get you, our most faithful fans, involved? So, here's the deal: For every lip balm we sell from our online shop, from now through the end of the year, we will donate one to NYC Rescue Mission. If we collect more donations than one organization can use, then we'll spread the S&C love to others.

In this spirit of giving, we created a few easy-to-grab gift sets. Plus, we curated a mix of buyable and DIY-able gifts over on Pinterest to help inspire you this holiday season. (To those of you who read this far, we hid a discount code on the Pinterest Gifts page!) 

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